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Van Conversion For A Road Trip – Essentials Not To Forget

Posted on March 19, 2021 at 2:01 pm

Van conversions are becoming increasingly popular, especially through the lockdown which the whole world has been placed under recently. With people turning to creativity and the most popular choice being a van conversion. Making a van into a mobile home, perfect for road trips anywhere and everywhere. Today, we are going to share with you some essentials that you must not forget in your van conversion!

Somewhere To Wash
When converting a van, people always remember that they’ll need a bed. But they always forget that they will need somewhere to wash. Not only wash yourself, but wash any dishes and cutlery that you use. You should have at least one sink installed in your van to ensure you have somewhere to wash dishes and brush your teeth daily. You should also have some form of shower that you can use to wash yourself. Whether this is an entire cubicle, or an attachment for your sink for you to shower outside.

Endless Storage!
Coverting a van into more of a campervan is an exciting time. But you will ofcourse see that the amount of storage space you have once a bed, toilet and kitchen area is fitted gets massively less. During your whole van conversion you need to think on your toes of ways you can create more storage. Fro example, have a hollow area under your bed where you can store items. Cupboards up above where you wouldn’t be putting anything else. At the front of your mind, always be thinking about storage with everything you do.

Coverting a van into a campervan can be extremely exciting yet still stress. These are two of the main essentials which people always forget to consider. So make sure if you are completing a van conversion to include somewhere to wash as well as an ample amount of storage!

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