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Five things To Know Before Visiting Portugal

Posted on October 15, 2019 at 3:29 pm

The stresses and strains of the modern world can soon become overwhelming. This is why we need to find that perfect vacation destination. It will allow us to recharge those tired mental and physical batteries. It should be far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the big city – yet close enough to enjoy the action. It should have fabulous weather, great food and scenery that will knock your socks off. These are only some of the reasons why more and more people are choosing to visit in Portugal.

I know what you’re thinking… but is it safe? It’s actually one of the safest places by far and you certainly will not have to complete a HEAT course to go there (Hostile Environment Training)! There’s nothing but friendly people who are warm and welcoming, with a passion for their country and culture.

If you are considering visiting this perfect vacation destination consider these five things.

  1. Be Beachwise.

Don’t limit yourself to a single stretch of golden sands. There are beaches near the major urban areas that are spectacular – and ones further away that will reward exploration. The Algarve Coast, for example, is one that begs to be explored.

  1. Get some City Time.

If you are headed back from the beach, consider spending some time in the city where you are based. Portugal is filled to the brim with history and culture – and stunning beauty. Once again – explore.

  1. Dynamite comes in Small Packages.

Speaking of cities, forget Porto, the Algarve is especially charming to those who consider basing themselves in the smaller cities on the Algarve coast. Towns like Tavira, Carvoeiro and Sagres are well worth exploring.

  1. Follow the Locals.

Keep an eye on the locals in a good way) and you will soon discover that some of the best food served in Portugal can be found at smaller dining destinations. This is where the locals come to dine. They may be far removed from the usual tourist restaurants – but they will be better value for money.

  1. Get out to Sea.

One of the best ways to view the magnificent coastline is by sea. The towering limestone cliffs are tremendously impressive and there are added attractions such as the picturesque Benagil Cave that can only be seen while on the water. Tour operators in most of the larger towns will be able to assist with booking an excursion like this.

Visiting Portugal is the perfect way to unwind. Planning ahead will enable visitors get the most out of their Algarve experience. Make your plans today.

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