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Why Santorini is The Place to Be

Posted on May 20, 2018 at 10:08 am

Santorini is perhaps the most famous island in all of Greece, however, it’s also one of the youngest. Born roughly 3000 years ago, when a volcanic eruption led to the formation of the dark and mysterious looking island we all know and love, Santorini’s violent past sits very much in contrast with its present.

Santorini is famous for having a laid-back and relaxed outlook on life and this is definitely reflected in their culture. The locals’ attitudes towards tourists are great and residents of the islands are known for being friendly and kind to visitors at all times.

The island is home to incredible black sand beaches, with the Red Beach on the island’s southern peninsula being particularly worth a visit. Sunsets in Oia are another unmissable sight when visiting the island, however, if you aren’t drawn in by the island’s peaceful and lazy lifestyle, you’ll probably be drawn to its active one, with plenty of activities to do all over.

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