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Travelling with a frontpack and a backpack

Posted on July 2, 2016 at 9:28 pm

When you’re planning on traveling Asia, Africa or Australasia, it’s easy to picture yourself wearing a light backpack with a smile on your face and a warm sun beaming down on you in the background. While part of that painting may be true, the bit about the light backpack won’t. To travel for long periods of time you need a backpack that can store everything you need. Your backpack is your best friend. You live out of it. You’ll likely have a front pack too, this will be a backpack which you wear on your front, and it will be smaller with fewer items in there. You need to make sure both of these are durable, comfortable and secure. Make sure you do your research before you head off to a new country with nothing other than a cheap lightweight backpack with no room for your belongings.

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