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A traveling holiday in a VW Camper van

Posted on October 31, 2014 at 9:34 pm

This once popular traveling option has recently gone full circle and become popular again amongst all ages of people after a holiday with a difference.

These vintage vans are fantastic for a camping holiday and are great for touring as you can pack up and stay in a different place each night.

But now comes a new campervan experience, the VW Doubleback. This van is like no other, the camper van whilst in motion looks very similar to the standard VW campers, however once parked up the rear end of the van electronically extends outwards to double the size of the living area!

The stabiliser feet for the extended part of the van also come down to the correct level automatically, gone are the days of a crank and a spirit level! In fact it seems as though Volts Wagon have thought of everything! This van can carry 5 adults and really does have plenty of room for a modern take on a traditional family holiday.

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