Budgeting for a holiday

Posted on September 24, 2014 at 10:25 pm

Holidays are something that almost all of us look forward to every year. It is the one time when we can get away from the challenges of daily life and really enjoy quality time with our friends and loved ones.

Affording a holiday is often the thing that stops many of us going away more often and can mean that we end up going years without having a proper break away. I would recommend budgeting for a holiday as if it was an essential item such as your rent. Obviously if things got really tight then you may need to use the money elsewhere, but it is important to have that time away.

Holidays need not cost the earth, sometimes a few long weekends away in the UK are just enough to recharge your batteries. Some newspapers offer great budget camping holidays that can cost as little as £5 per person per night, and often these turn out to be great fun.

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