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Essential tips for traveling

Posted on August 30, 2014 at 6:18 pm

The essentials you need to take with you will depend on where you’re traveling and what your plans are whilst away. Essential toiletries will include many items, but make sure you remember sun-cream and insect repellent. Even if you are skiing sun-cream will be a requirement! Depending on where you go you may want to take a range of toiletries with you to cover for the entire trip, but if you know the location well, or if it’s in a well-populated area you’ll be likely to find a supermarket nearby. If you are staying in a resort you may even have a shop on site to cover you in this department.

Decided not to go all inclusive but like to treat yourself to the local beverages whilst on holiday? If you have a fridge/minibar in your room, then why not pop to your local store and purchase some local beverages – you will likely save a good amount on buying in bulk!

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