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To get our first post underway, we’re going to be focusing on some top tips for those looking to travel far and wide. If you’re looking to travel for a month or a couple of months, then it’s important to travel light. This may sound quite strange, but the fewer items you have the better, and you can always purchased cheap clothes when you’re out there.

You should always do your homework on the specific area you want to visit because it’s important to have understanding on the prices, culture, surroundings and the conveniences, such as transport, shops and accommodation.

You may feel less equipped when you travel light, but a great deal of information can be kept in a mobile phone, and if you keep your phone safe and your money safe, then you’ll certainly run into fewer problems when you’re out there.

Every country will be unique in terms of accommodation, pricing, transport and culture, and the more you understand about the country, the better.

Africa Holidays

When you plan our your summer holiday or tour it's important to make sure you choose the right clothing and take the appropriate luggage, especially on African safari holidays where the weather is extremely hot, otherwise you may put your health in danger.

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