Why chose an adventure holiday

Most of us live day to day doing the same job, carrying out the same mundane tasks in the same boring setting so it’s hardly surprising that more and more of us are opting for a new more exciting style of holiday, an adventure holiday.

Whether it be scuba diving, white water rafting or rock climbing more of us are choosing to spend our ‘down time’ up and about partaking in adrenaline fuelled activities that take us away from the norm. A holiday that can suit all ages, these adventure holidays are our chance for a great escape and can perfectly demonstrate the theory that a change is as good as a rest!

So when deciding on a holiday this year why not put down the book, forget the beach towel and flip flops and get ready for the hair raising holiday of a lifetime, after all, you only live once!

Budgeting for a holiday

Holidays are something that almost all of us look forward to every year. It is the one time when we can get away from the challenges of daily life and really enjoy quality time with our friends and loved ones.

Affording a holiday is often the thing that stops many of us going away more often and can mean that we end up going years without having a proper break away. I would recommend budgeting for a holiday as if it was an essential item such as your rent. Obviously if things got really tight then you may need to use the money elsewhere, but it is important to have that time away.

Holidays need not cost the earth, sometimes a few long weekends away in the UK are just enough to recharge your batteries. Some newspapers offer great budget camping holidays that can cost as little as £5 per person per night, and often these turn out to be great fun.

Traveling light

Don’t think you can manage going for a week’s holiday with only hand luggage? Here are a few tips to help you!

Don’t take toiletries – your hotel will likely provide the basics, and local shops should supply the rest.

Most hotels will provide a hairdryer, so check before you go so you don’t unnecessary items.

Decide if you really need to take straighteners or other similar items.

Try not to take too many pairs of shoes and wear your largest, heaviest pair whilst traveling!

Take a kindle rather than several books – you will save a lot of weight this way.

Plan your holiday and your outings and take clothes to suit. If you need to wash your clothes, hotels normally do a laundry service, or you can wash items in the sink/bath and hang dry them. By planning and removing unnecessary clothing you will save a lot of bulk and weight.

Essential tips for traveling

The essentials you need to take with you will depend on where you’re traveling and what your plans are whilst away. Essential toiletries will include many items, but make sure you remember sun-cream and insect repellent. Even if you are skiing sun-cream will be a requirement! Depending on where you go you may want to take a range of toiletries with you to cover for the entire trip, but if you know the location well, or if it’s in a well-populated area you’ll be likely to find a supermarket nearby. If you are staying in a resort you may even have a shop on site to cover you in this department.

Decided not to go all inclusive but like to treat yourself to the local beverages whilst on holiday? If you have a fridge/minibar in your room, then why not pop to your local store and purchase some local beverages – you will likely save a good amount on buying in bulk!

Visiting Europe


If you have always wanted to go to Europe, but have not been able to decide on location consider a trip on a train. There are various companies which sell train tickets taking you from country to country. This would allow you to visit all the places on your list without having to single out just one. You can stop off in places like Paris allowing you to visit all the sights such as the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and more. Stop in Amsterdam and visit the internationally renowned red-light district. Want to stop off in Prague? How about Berlin? You can tailor these holidays how you wish for as long as you wish allowing you to make the most of your trip. Shop around, and look for all the deals on accommodation and sight-seeing and these holidays can come out a lot cheaper than expected!

Family short breaks in the UK

Families in the UK are often taking short breaks in the school holidays to avoid the price hike in the summer months.  If you have a family to cater for then you may be looking for something quite exhilarating to keep the children entertained. With theme parks dotted all over the country you have a wide range of places that will hold their interest at reasonable prices.


Alton Towers in Uttoxeter is a great place for children of all ages as well as adults seeking a thrill. With the recent addition of the CBeebies World, where young children can see their favourite characters, even the youngest can now enjoy the park.  There is also a fun themed resort there so if you do not live local and need to travel then you can relax knowing that you do not have to go far in the morning to get to the fun and excitement.

Weekend retreats in the UK for couples

Lots of holiday makers chose to go on a few weekend breaks throughout the year to be able to enjoy a number of different locations and types of holidays. These people often chose to stay in the UK, due to the smaller amount of travelling to be done meaning they can spend more time in their location. The UK has some many different things to do you could go somewhere new every weekend for years and still discover something or somewhere else to explore.


If its shopping that you are in to why not take a trip to London, England’s capital with ranges of shops from high street, designer and little boutique shops that sell amazing clothing and home ware that you will be pushed to find elsewhere.

Maybe you fancy somewhere a little more romantic and relaxing, then look no further than the picturesque landscapes of Strathyre in Scotland.

New Zealand – Home of the Hobbit and holiday makers dream

The hobbit trilogy was filmed entirely in New Zealand. And it’s not hard to see why, with its breath taking views and magical landscape it is the perfect setting for any story.


If you are a fan of the films then there is no doubt that you would want to go to the place where it all happened. The location of Hobbiton was filmed in a place near Matamata, with hills stretching as far as the eye can see it was the perfect setting. This location was also used in the The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The make believe village of Hobbiton has remained open as an attraction for Middle-earth fans all over the world. Why not take a sneaky peak peering over the famous Hobbit’s front gate, dancing under the party tree or sampling some of the ale at the Green Dragon Inn. This is a holiday of a lifetime and a very unexpected journey.

Packing for a camping trip

When getting ready for a trip back into nature you need to make sure you have the right equipment to deal with different situations you may encounter. Unless you are Bear Grylls take heed to the suggestions for your camping trip.


Before you leave you should create an inventory of all your equipment and check it off when packing up as well. These could include:

Medical Supplies

Have a well stocked medical kit with antiseptics, tissues, tweezers, allergy tablets and insect repellent. Spare bandages and plasters may come in handy too.


Your tent and its contents will be your home for the duration for your trip so kit it out with sleeping bags, ground sheets, pillows and a windbreak. Add an inflatable mattress and a duvet for additional comfort if you have the space.

Other Supplies

Stock up on your personal items and cleaning aids to stay as fresh as possible so you can maintain hygiene with relative ease. Make sure you have a good supply of suitable food and means to cook it as well as utensils. Paper towels and toilet paper will be something that you cannot leave without as well as a basic tool set and Swiss Army knife.

Packing for a Ski Trip

On the other end of the spectrum for a Safari there is Ski trips. As you may rightly already know the packing requirements will be vastly different. You will be trading scorching heat for a deep freeze yet will still have scope for some great sun.


If you are a beginner or generally prefer not to take equipment. Most (if not all) sites offer the option to rent boots, ski’s and boards. Boots will be a big thing to get right as they can end up hurting your feet and even cutting off circulation to them. Try on as many boots as you deem necessary until you find the right ones. Alternatively purchase some before you go.

On your days out it may be worth taking a rucksack for all the little bits you may want to carry including your music player, water and some food for the day. Helmets and other safety apparatus could be carried in there too.

For your clothing on the slopes it may worth getting it all before you go to save some money. All of your clothing should be specifically designed for slopes keeping your both warm and protected from the elements including glasses, goggles, jackets and salopettes.

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