Long Haul Flight Tips

There are many long haul flights, and while some people will take a long haul flight every month or so, others may only have two or three in their lifetime. If you’re taking a long haul flight in the not too distant future, then there are a few things you should know:

  1. You need to move your legs – Cramp occurs unless you move your legs about, and you do have the chance to walk up and down, and even if you walk to the furthest toilet every hour, you’ll be doing you legs the world of good.
  2. You need to get comfortable. It’s really tricky, but it needs to happen otherwise you’ll be in agony. Keep moving until you’re in a comfortable position, then sit back relax and enjoy the flight.
  3. Eat and drink plenty – You’re going to be on the plane for a long time, don’t wait until you’re plane lands to get food, make the most of it while you’re on the plane. We all need fluids to keep the body running nicely.

The Northern Lights – Sweden

Sweden is home to one of the most magnificent natural sights you could see. This amazing light show forms when charged particles emitted from the sun during a solar flare break through the earth’s magnetic shield and collide with atoms and molecules in our atmosphere. The Northern Lights shimmer right across the polar regions but undoubtedly the best place to see them is Abisko’s Aurora Skystation.

Sweden can be a beautiful country and there is plenty to do there other than seeing the Northern Lights. If you are looking where to plan a holiday to next, then consider Sweden. The Northern Lights will fascinate anyone that sees them and will make memories that you will remember for ever.

Many travel companies offer holidays that are tailored around viewing the Northern Lights so shop around for the best deal. This type of holiday is suitable for couples, singles and families so there really is something for everyone.

Camping on Shell Island

Shell Island is a little place just up the western coast of Wales. It is near Barmouth and is a popular destination for families, couples and friends. It is called an island because there is only one road that comes in and out and when the tide comes in this is cut off from the rest of Wales making it an island.

Recently, when staying in Barmouth, I took a day trip to Shell Island to see what it was all about. Once there, there is not much in the way of entertainment but the sites are beautiful and the location unspoilt. You have the valleys on one side and the ocean on the other.

You can chose to camp at Shell Island and once you are there can pitch your tent pretty much anywhere as long as you are not within 20 meters of the people next to you (without their prior consent).

If you like crab fishing, then this is definitely the place for you and with a local shop, pub and showing facilities onsite, you really do not need much more.

Making the most of bad weather on your UK holiday

If you are choosing to holiday in the UK then you may expect bad weather as unfortunately we cannot seem to have steady seasons like many other countries do. No matter what is forecast, you need to plan for rain as even in the peak of summer, it is not unknown for the UK to see days of rain.

Holidays do not have to be spoilt if it does rain, just may mean that your plans need to change a bit. Instead of sun bathing on the beach and building sand castles you may need to have a walk along the beach finding shells and looking in rock pools for crabs.

Sometimes finding things to do in doors does mean that you may have to spend a little more money but you may be surprised to find out how many location attractions such as museums offer free entry.

As long as you have the right clothing for wet weather there are many activities to enjoy and it can mean that you have to drop your plans and do a few more spontaneous things which can be exciting for all the family.

Chasing the sun for your holiday all year round

Most of us try to take our holiday in the summer months however that is not always possible and can be costly so here’s a mini guide of where to go for each month of the year to get that much needed sunshine!

January – Cuba is lovely and hot this time of year with plenty of beautiful unspoiled beaches to relax on.

February – Gambia is perfect for winter sun and has temperatures around 33⁰C in our winter months.

March – Mexico is very popular this time of year sun, sea and tequila!

April – Egypt, this is a great time to go and see the pyramids and all of the amazing things Egypt has to offer.

May – Turkey this is great if you want a taste of the Mediterranean for a fraction of the peak season cost. Turkey is beautiful and a great place to take an early summer holiday.

June, July, August – these are the peak seasons so places like Greece, Portugal or Italy would all be fantastic here however the price will be the highest of all the year.

September – Ibiza not just for the party goers, Ibiza also has a much quieter side that is picturesque and boast beautiful beaches too.

October – Cyprus is still plenty warm enough this time of year and starting to get a little quieter in touristy areas.

November – Florida with its theme parks and abundance of things to do is great fun for all the family and has the bonus of being nice and warm too.

December – Cape Verde is the ultimate place for winter sun, white sands and lots of relaxation, this could be a real Christmas treat!

Traveling abroad whilst pregnant

The outdated opinions of most used to be that a pregnant woman should try to do very little during pregnancy and rest at home, however recent studies have actually proved that during a normal healthy pregnancy you are much better off staying active and continuing with exercise and day to day tasks as usual whilst you are able to do so.

In many ways traveling is the same however there are some things to consider prior to traveling if you or your partner are pregnant.

The first thing that you would need to do would be to notify your doctor or midwife of your travel plans to see if they feel you would be fit to travel. Where possible it’s a good idea to obtain a copy of your medical notes so that you can take them with you in case you need any treatment whilst away.

You’ll need to check the rules of the airline regarding traveling whilst pregnant with regards at what gestation they consider you fit to fly.

Getting really good travel insurance has never been more important and it’s vital that you check the terms and conditions to ensure that should something happen and you have to have your baby delivered abroad the insurance covers all medical cost of the unborn child as well.

Activities to try on your next holiday

For most a holiday involves little more than a beach, a book and a lot of lying around in the sun however this doesn’t always have to be the case and if you are board of the same old boring holiday then maybe it’s time to start planning some holiday activities.

Why not try:-

Scuba diving – this is a great activity to do whilst abroad and often the shallower beginner’s dives are the best places to see the most colourful reefs and interesting marine life.

Kayaking – this water activity is great fun and you don’t necessarily need any experience, most of the kayaking experiences tend to start with an instructors session briefing you on technique and safety information before you start.

Cycling – this can be an exhilarating activity that you can do with your family on holiday and a great way to get about to see the sights without hitting traffic or being stuck on public transport in the heat. It’s also a great way to burn off those extra holiday calories.

Holiday industry for 2015

For many of us, a holiday is something we look forward to and often it can be the thing that gets us through our every day working life. For some people, they like the security of returning to the same place year after year, knowing what to expect and not having to worry about what the accommodation or area will be like. Other people see it as an opportunity to try and explore a little and want to visit as many different countries as possible.

2015 is set to be a big year for holidays with many of us having missed out on a few when the UK was in the deepest stages of recession. Tour operators predict that this may be their best year since the recession hit and have gone all out with their marketing strategies to take advantage of this.

There are so many packages out there that it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Always do your own research and never just book a holiday based on pictures and reviews on the destinations website as these can often be biased.

Visit Japan

On arriving for the first time, visitors to the enigmatic islands of Japan can feel like they have landed on another planet. There’s an otherworldly mix of old and new and the culture and traditions of Japan can seem strange to new comers. Whether you’re after culture, sightseeing or amazing food, a two week minimum trip is a must to get a flavour of Japan.
The futuristic capital city of Tokyo is a must, with loads to see and do and stunning views of iconic Mt. Fuji. The old capital Kyoto has some beautiful shrines and temples juxtaposed with stylish modern architecture. Make sure to research what you want to see before you go so you don’t miss anything. Top attractions include Sumo matches, Kabuki theatre, a wealth of shrines and incredible gardens, delicious cuisine like sushi and sashimi, beautifully preserved Edo era towns…the list is endless. A stay at a Ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn, is also not to be missed. It’s worth noting that most establishments are cash only and cash machines are not always readily available. Make sure to research local customs and manners before your trip.

A real adventure right here in the UK

If you are looking for a fun adventure here in the UK for all the family then look no further than The Forbidden Corner. As its name suggests this is an intriguing place that is described as ‘the strangest place in the world’.

Located in Tupgill Park in the Yorkshire Dales this 4 acre site houses a huge maze of tunnels, chambers, hidden pathways and surprises at each turn. You will find yourself trying to work out where to go through the vast labyrinth of twists and turns whilst the children enjoy the numerous attractions such as water-shooting statues and hidden giants!

The park is not open to the public all year round so before going it’s always worth checking the website. Children under four get in free and it’s ideal for children around this age where their imagination will be captured by this well thought out mysterious place. My advice would be to take the children a change of clothes as it would be a miracle if they manage to stay clean and dry!